How Megan Stopped Dating the Wrong Guys Over and Over

Megan was 34.

She had a graduate degree and a great career.

She was attractive, fit and smart.

She had a full life.

Yet she kept dating the wrong men.

Sure, men were pursuing her, but all these guys were way off from what she was looking for….


She was into a guy, only to have him leave her after things seemed to be going great.

She was stuck in a repeating cycle of wrong guy after wrong guy.

Here’s the good news….

She committed to making a change.

She didn’t make any excuses for why she was in that position.

She knew SHE needed to make a change in both her dating strategy AND in how she was showing up.

She did it and is now in an exclusive relationship with a great guy.

In fact, she jokes that she fell in love with him over a quiche.

On the first date, she told him she loved quiche and on their second date he cooked her one.

We just interviewed Megan about HOW she stopped dating the wrong guys. Go watch it here:


Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn