Men and Women Differences – Who wins in a fight: Men vs. Women

Men and women differences – Do these differences matter and what can you do to overcome them and have a great relationship.

Ouch yes we went there.  You’ve probably heard Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

What a BS concept.

Ashley is from Laguna Niguel, CA and Michael is from New Glarus, WI (home of the best beer ever made)

We aren’t from different planets.

Men and women are more ALIKE than they are different.

All of us humans are insanely similar.

Yes, there are some physical differences and some hormone-based differences, but that’s about it.

All the things those “BAD” men do on Mars are actually things we all do.

All the behaviors those “CRAZY” women on Venus do are things we ALL DO.

All humans do those things.

Relating to another human being is HARD.

Think about it.

You even have issues with your female friends right now.  Imagine if sex and romantic love were involved.

If you think men are ALIEN creatures that come from another planet, it is going to be mighty difficult to communicate with them.

Sometimes Ashley thinks Michael is a mute being sent from the underworld to annoy and frustrate her.

Michael sometimes thinks Ashley speaks in tongues and represents all that is confusing in life.

None of that means men and women are different creatures.

Today we coached our clients in our Attract The Man You Want program on communicating with men.

**how to communicate about your life.

**how to communicate your value.

**how to find out his value and about his life.

We LOVE talking about communication.  We are obsessed with it.

How you communicate with yourself and others is EVERYTHING.

You can’t start from the perspective that someone is the total opposite of you and effectively communicate with that person.

men and women differences are there but they are more human differences than anything else.

You need to start with the concept that we are all humans with strengths and weaknesses.  Other people have aspects that are similar to you and others that are different.

Once you have that mindset, you need effective communication strategies.

We’ve spent the past two decades working with thousands of people and honing in on ONLY the most effective communication strategies.

Men and Women Differences – Who wins in a fight: Men vs. Women

men and women differences

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn