Men aren’t from Mars and you’re not from Venus

mars venus

What a ridiculous concept.  That men and women are from different planets.

That we are so different we need to come up with a way to understand each other’s completely different planetary languages.

Well if it’s so ridiculous why has this idea become so popular?

First of all, the popularity of an idea has nothing to do with its accuracy or validity.

Think about Trickle Down Economics as an idea.

Popular with a lot of people.

Total BS.

Second, it’s popular because men and women are different in some ways biologically so you can make completely false and exaggerated claims that seem to fit into those small but real differences.

Remember from the ole statistics class…..

Correlation does not equal causation.

Here are 3 mindsets that stem from this Mars/Venus concept that kill our ability to connect with the each other.

1. We make men too complicated.

Anytime we are struggling to understand something or experience lack of results in an area, we often come up with complicated theories about why we’re having a hard time.

We devise all these complicated beliefs and theories about why men do this or that.

It’s all mental gymnastics that has nothing to do with reality.

Men aren’t complicated.  Neither or women for that matter.  Human psychology is basic concepts and motivations that anyone can learn.

The problem is working through our messy emotions to understand these simple concepts and principles.

2. We turn men into the enemy.

It’s the whole us vs. them situation.

We have a tendency to turn anything that isn’t exactly like us into an enemy.

Both men and women do this to each other.

Especially if we’ve gotten hurt or rejected in dating.

When we are raw emotionally we start to believe all men are cheaters or liars.

All men just want sex or have bad intentions.

3. We turn men into inferior idiots.

Again, when we don’t understand each other or have even the slightest of differences we tend to turn the other person into a villain or into an idiot in our mind.

We look down on men and start to relate to them in ways to fix the situation.

The man as idiot fallacy is reinforced big time in society too.

Think of any sitcom dad EVER.   Always a bumbling, inferior idiot right?

These 3 mindsets will end any chances you have of relating to men in a way that will lead to lasting love.

The reality is men and women all come from planet earth.  Men are HUMAN BEINGS just like you.

Human beings have differences.  You are different that your best girlfriend in some ways.  Think about struggles you’ve had to relate to girlfriends of yours.

Think gay couples have no differences because they’re the same gender?

Thing again.  They have just as many issues with each other.

It’s not a man/woman thing.

It’s a human being/human being thing.

All that being said, We are much more alike than different as human beings.

Our similarities are much greater than any differences we have.

When you understand the deep psychological principles of relating to someone in love, you will no longer have to struggle through relationships.  You will no longer struggle to understand men.

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn