Do men care about your career?


“I can’t attract successful guys because I’m not in a good place in my career or financially.  I don’t own a house”

Michael was on the phone with a potential new client for free Single to Soul Mates Session.   He asked her what was getting in the way of her finding love.

She told him that she was attracted to successful and ambitious guys, but that she wasn’t attractive to them.

She said that she was “renting” and that she wasn’t set financially at this point.

She was “okay” in her career but wasn’t at the level she wanted to be yet.

She felt like she was in a career transition.

Michael asked more questions to get to the deep seated beliefs she had about men, careers and money.

She talked about how she didn’t feel like she was at these guys “level”.

She wasn’t “worthy” of this type of guy yet because of her career and money situation.

We know many of you have similar beliefs.

Here’s the RUB…..

99% of men could care less about your career or financial status.

Especially successful and ambitious men.  They don’t care.

Our potential client was projecting what she valued on to men.

SHE VALUES success.

SHE VALUES being set financially.

SHE VALUES a certain type of career.

Men don’t care about these things.

and if they do care it’s far down on their list of qualities they’re looking for in a woman.

The real problem for this woman was her insecurity about her current situation.

She didn’t have confidence in herself.

She felt less than.

She felt insecure about her status.

She didn’t feel worthy.

Those emotions and insecurities WILL turn off men.

It isn’t your situation itself, but your thoughts and feelings about your situation that matters.

Men are wildly attracted to a secure, confident woman who is at ease and comfortable with herself and where she is in life.

We teach our clients the top 5 attractor factors men look for in a partner and most women are shocked when they discover what they are.


Because they’re different than what YOU are looking for in a man.

Many of you find yourself confused why you’re successful, smart, and attractive yet the men you like aren’t pursuing you.

This projection of what you want in a partner is most likely the reason.

You don’t have to stay stuck in this place.  We can teach you exactly what men are looking for in a woman.  These qualities are already inside of you.  It’s about learning to uncover them and express them in the right way.

Book a free Single to Soul Mates session with us so that we can find out what’s getting in YOUR way and can help you attract your forever man.

This session isn’t for people who want to “check things out”.  It’s only for women who are ready to make a change now and do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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