Do Men Only Want da Younger Women?

benjamin button

Welcome back to the work week.  The grind is real this week no?   We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

We received a lot of questions from you all.  One of the consistent themes you ask us about is

“do men only want younger women?”

“why do men seem to only look for younger women?”

“who do these men think they are looking for someone 10-15 years younger, while they’re not the best catch themselves?”

Yes it’s true many men believe they are Benjamin Button and reverse aging.

The short answer to your questions is….

Yes many men do want younger women!

The curious case in this situation is what do you do when this is the reality of the marketplace?

Do you just start hating men?

Do you start trying to compete with these younger women?

Do you give up on finding love?

Do you say f#$k it and move to Siberia?

We will always be honest with you about the realities of the dating marketplace.  We can’t control what men want or what’s fair out there in the marketplace.  All we do is shine a light on what is currently happening and what the current marketplace looks like.

We also want to help you take advantage of the current status quo out there so you can find success in love.

So, the bad news is….   Yes many men want  a younger woman (especially the older they get).

The good news is that most of them don’t have the goolies, the lifestyle, the energy, the attractiveness or even the desire to be with a significantly younger women long term.

The first key for you is to avoid men who are just out of a long term marriage, because there is a good chance he is going to look for a younger woman at first.  He needs to experience the pain of dating and of trying to date a younger woman before he is ready for a real relationship again.

The next step is for you to realize that these younger women aren’t your competition.  They aren’t right for a large majority of these guys.  The only men they are right for is men who are dating for primarily ego reasons (to impress their friends, to make them feel  younger etc.).  These are men you want to avoid anyway.

In fact, we’ll go a step further and tell you that even other women aren’t your competition.  Most people suck at dating or don’t really try at all.

Do you know the average person online dating hasn’t went out with someone from online in 2 years?

Ya definitely not your competition.

Your only competition is yourself.  Are you taking the right steps at the right time to find the right person for you?  If you are doing that, you have ZERO competition.

So, although men will want younger women, the guys serious about finding love and passion will truly want to be with you.  A smart, attractive, passionate woman who he can genuinely share his life with.

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Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael