MLK is like WTF!

Happy MLK day!

Today is the perfect day to reflect on your dreams.

MLK was a dreamer AND took action to realize his greatest aspirations.

If he knew most of us give up on our dreams so easily he would be like WTF!

Think about what he faced in his lifetime.

Constant rejection of his ideas.

Relentless opposition.

Received never ending death threats and threats of bodily harm.

He was taking action every day to move his aspirations forward and most of the time he saw no results.

The immense results of his life and actions wouldn’t be felt until after his death.

You might not see results right away when you make a change in your life and commit to making your dreams a reality.

Don’t let it stop you.

Sit down for 10 minutes today and write down what you want a day in your life to look like in 5 years from now.  From the minute you wake up to the minute you lay your head down to sleep.  Write down in detail what your ideal looks like.

Don’t censor yourself or hold back.  Write down what it would be like if your greatest almost unimaginable dreams came true in 5 years from now.

Where you live.

Who you’re with.

How people treat you.

What you’re doing?

Go now and write this out.  Do it for yourself.

Share it with us if you feel even more bold today.  MLK would approve.

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Your Dream catchers,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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