Music, wine and your packaging

Last Friday and Saturday we went to a local concert here in Sonoma, CA called Huichica.

The whole shindig is held at a cool winery called Gundlach Bunschu or Gunbun as the locals like to call it.

So it was a weekend full of music, wine and great food.

It was also a great place to do some people watching…

As you know, we are psychologists so we love people watching.

One of the most interesting parts of people watching at Huichica was how people “packaged” themselves.

We all package ourselves.

Your packaging includes your look…

Hair, makeup, jewelry, clothes

It’s also your overall vibe.

People send different messages depending on the packaging they choose.

Sometimes your packaging says “I don’t care about my packaging.”

Sometimes it says “I’m hot and I know it.”

The way you package yourself can send many different messages.

Some of these messages help you when it comes to dating AND some hurt you in finding the right person.

The way you package yourself can dramatically impact who you’re attracting.

For most of you, your packaging is hurting your chances in love.

How are you packaging yourself online?

How are you showing up to dates?

These things matter more than you know.

You want to send a very specific message to the right type of man with your packaging.

If you don’t you’ll be attracting the WRONG GUYS.

If you get your packaging right, you pull the right types of guys into your life with easy and you automatically push away the wrong guys.

We can teach you the right combination of authentic yet attractive packaging that is right for you to find your forever man.

Book a free session with us so we can identify what’s holding you back and give you a proven blueprint for relationship success.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn