Naked Cowboy teaches us some Skillz


You can learn a lesson from almost anyone right?

A few months ago, we were in Manhattan for several weeks. We were there as a family. We took our son to see School of Rock which he loved. His first time on broadway was a hit for sure.

We walked all over central park and ate our way through New York.

We also saw the Naked Cowboy. He is a famous street performer in Times Square. He isn’t really naked. He wears briefs, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and carries a strategically placed guitar.

People either love him or hate him.

He is polarizing.

and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The people who like him, LOVE HIM. and give him mucho dinero.

The people who don’t like him he could care less about. Their reactions or judgements don’t matter to him.

He is constantly being REACTED TOO.

You want to have the same thing happen in dating.

You don’t want to be reactive.

You want to be the person being reacted too.

You want the men who are a great fit for you to LOVE YOU.


You want the guys who aren’t relationship ready or compatible with you to…..

well who cares what they think about you right.

You just want them to go away and bother someone else.

If you don’t learn to be reacted too, you will have to sludge through the wrong guys all day long.

You’ll have to do all the work of discovering if they are right for you.

You’ll have to go out on a lot more unnecessary time consuming dates.

This leads to feeling burnt out and down right sick of dating.

If you learn how to have men REACT TO YOU, you’ll quickly weed out the wrong one’s from the right one.

We can show you how to put yourself out there so that you are the one being reacted too.

We’ve shown thousands of women how to polarize the men they come in contact with to make finding the one so much easier.

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Your naked dating coaches,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael