Who are you NOT dating anymore?

We work with many clients in our live workshop and in our ongoing mentorship program.

One of the first things we do with them is get CRYSTAL clear about who they won’t be dating anymore.

Yes it’s important to know WHO is right for you.

In the beginning it’s more important to know who you WON’T date from this day forward.

Notice, we didn’t way wrong for you.

Many of us continue to date people who are wrong for us.

The key is not only knowing who is wrong for you, but also making the commitment to NEVER date them again.

It’s a commitment to yourself and your future happiness to quit dating men who aren’t right for you.

This is easy to say and emotionally hard to do.

We often feel a strong pull to twist ourselves into a pretzel to PLEASE SOMEONE ELSE.  To make him want to be with us.

We even do it in subtle ways.  By not communicating our needs, our wants our desires.

By hiding that we want to have kids or want to get married until many dates.

Now is the time to stop all of it.

Commit to yourself right now that you will push away men who are wrong for you and you will not date them anymore.

You will push them away by being upfront with who you are, what you want and what your winning blueprint is.

Yes this will scare away some men.


Go here to comment and let us know what types of men you will no longer date from this day forward.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn