It’s not you, it’s me. I need to stop dating losers.

Jennifer started talking to this guy on  She didn’t get her hopes up anymore in the beginning because most of the other guys she met up with hadn’t lived up to their hype.

This guy was witty and seemed handsome in his photos.  They had some good text banter.  She thought “at least he knows how to structure a real sentence in proper English”.

After some more text flirting he asked her out on a date.

They met at a cute wine bar in the middle of the city.  He suggested it.  Jennifer checked it out on yelp and noted to herself that he seemed to have great taste for a first date spot.

Put one check on the plus side.

Jennifer was actually looking forward to this date for once.  She hadn’t felt that way for months. Maybe it had even been a year if she was being honest with herself….

He got to the place a few minutes earlier than she did.  When she showed up they made eye contact and both felt relief that the other person was attractive.

There was a little chemistry right from the start.

They started talking about their lives.

He talked about his job.  His ambitions.

He talked about his friends and the many HILARIOUS antics they had pulled over the years.

He talked about HIS family.

He talked about his dog.

He talked about his love of surfing.

He talked about where he went to college.

He just KEPT TALKING about himself.

At a few points in the conversation, Jennifer tried to steer the conversation in a different direction but this guy was all about me, myself and I.

He didn’t ask ONE thing about her.

About 82 minutes into their date, Jennifer was done and she knew it.

But….this guy wasn’t picking up on social cues that it was time for her to go! So ANNOYING!

She excused herself to the bathroom and texted her friend.

“I need to stop dating losers!  I need to get out of here, but this guy won’t shut up.  HELP. What do I do?”

Within 10 seconds she got a text back saying…

“You texted the wrong person…..   We are on a date right now.”


She sent the text to the wrong person.  She sent the text to the guy she was on a date with.


How did she get out of it?


Did she go on to marry the guy? That’s a story for another day 😊

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn