The NY fire department broke us out


Our family has been staying in Manhattan, NY for the past 10 days or so. It has been a great time. We took our son Mason to see The School of Rock which he thought was hilarious. The pure joy in watching him watch the show was palpable.

One night we got a babysitter and went out with some friends of ours for dinner and drinks. We went to this steak restaurant that had been open for 150 years.

We then went to a rooftop bar and were able to see an amazing view of New York and New Jersey by the Hudson River. The night was turning out great. We saw some lightning in the distance so our friend looked at the weather forecast on his phone. He saw that a major storm was coming our way VERY QUICKLY.

So we finished our drinks and walked toward the exit. We got on the elevator and now since the rain started coming down about 20 extra people also jumped on the elevator at the last minute to get out before the storm REALLY hit.

We were packed in this elevator like sardines. It was uncomfortably tight. Luckily we were only going to be in the old elevator for a minute or so.

Until it stopped suddenly. Everyone could tell this wasn’t your normal elevator stop. It was abrupt.

Everyone looked around to see other people’s reactions. Looking for assurance.

The doors weren’t opening. We weren’t moving. It was an old elevator so we had no clue what floor we were on.

After a few minutes it was obvious we were stuck. The person near the emergency phone called the building staff. No answer! He called them again. No answer! He called them again. Someone on the building staff answered but wasn’t helpful and short on the phone. He said people were LOOKING INTO IT but that was it. He sounded irritated we were calling him.


Other people on the elevator called 911.

Panic was starting to set in for some people. The 6’2” German guy next to me seemed on the verge of a panic attack. His face was pitch white and seemed very worried. He used an inhaler several times to try to calm down.

Other people were joking and taking selfies.

Others were simply quiet and kept to themselves.

A few people were angry.

As time went on the tension was growing. People’s different reactions to the stress of situation was starting to become combustible. People were getting upset with each other over their reactions to the situation. The panicked people didn’t not like the jokes and selfies. The angry people… well didn’t like anything about the situation.

After what seemed like an eternity the New York Fire Department pried open the door and we were able to get out.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It was an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

The same could be said for dating and love.

It’s an emotional roller coaster.

No matter what you do it will be an emotional roller coaster.

You can’t avoid it. Unless you give up all together which is the worst choice.

Even when you are happily married you will experience these intense emotional situations in your relationship. Why? Because we are humans and anytime you are in love with and emotionally close to someone you will feel vulnerable to their choices and behaviors.

This emotional closeness does lead to panicked or upset feelings at times. It also lead to the pure joy and elation that you can only experience when you are completely in love with and connected to the right person for you.

In Single to Soul Mates University we teach you how to ride the emotional roller coaster so that you don’t have to get off prematurely or have to throw up all over someone else on the ride. You learn how to cope with the ups and downs so that you can experience the kind of relationship you want and deserve.

It’s not about avoiding these feelings. It’s about going through them in a way so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and come out on the other end with the kind of life you really want.

Join Single to Soul Mates right now.


Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn