The Old Fashioned Way

Our client, Leslie (pseudonym) wanted to meet someone the old fashioned way.

When she first called us, she was 46 years old and had pretty much been single her entire life.

She chose to reach out to us for help because she recently had a medical condition that required surgery.

She found herself alone, unable to take care of her basic needs, and having to call upon family to help her post surgery.

As her family members rallied around her, all they did was talk about themselves.

In fact, they barely lifted a finger to help her with her needs.

Even worse, when she had to ask them for something, they acted as if she was an inconvenience.

This moment was a catalyst for her.

She didn’t want to be in this position over and over again as she got older.

She wanted to have her person by her side through thick and thin.

In return, she intended fully to be there for them as well.

She has a huge heart of gold.

This is one thing that has led her astray at times.

This huge heart of hers caused her to care for others endlessly and to always put her own needs to the side.

She had this romantic vision of meeting a man the old fashioned way.

She figured that she would walk into bar.

Take a seat.

Order her usual, a Manhattan.

From across the bar, her eyes would lock with a tall, dark, mysterious, and handsome man.

She would smile flirtatiously and look away, embarrassed by being caught staring at him.

Intrigued by her, he would walk over and take a seat next to her.

He would order another round as he struck up lively, engaging conversation.

The chemistry would be palpable.

When their fingers accidentally brushed one another, the electricity would zing between them.

That is all it would take.

The relationship would progress quickly from there.

Getting to know one another more deeply.

Finding out that they have even more things in common than expected.

Talking to each other several times throughout the day.

Having a hard time focusing on work while daydreaming about how they would spend the evening together….and so on…..

There was only one problem…

Leslie had spent the last 15 years waiting for this to happen.

Almost every weekend, she would make it a priority to go out somewhere by herself.

She would get herself ready to the nines.

She headed out to a location where she hoped this handsome, wonderful man would be.

She then sat there and waited.

It didn’t happen.

She went home feeling disheartened and like it could never happen for her.

She licked her wounds and bruised ego.

Took a few days off.

Then rallied to do it again each weekend.

She didn’t want to online date because she felt like it would “take the magic out of the connection”.

Leslie is one of many women who have come to us wishing that they would meet Mr. Right organically.

We get that.

It would be great.

There is a very, very tiny chance that it could happen…but the statistics are not in her favor.

After the most recent medical issue, she decided she simply couldn’t wait any longer for it to happen.

She had to take control of what she could in this process.

She agreed to go online and we gave her all the tools she needed.

She immediately had several men lining up to date her.

The first moments with these men weren’t “magical” as she originally hoped…

BUT, they were real.

She learned about herself and what she really wanted and needed in a partner and a relationship.

She became more confident.

She learned to date like it’s 2018.

The state of dating at this time isn’t pretty.

There are a ton of things we would change about it if we could.

The reality is that it is the way it is.

We can’t change online dating or the dynamics between men and women today.

We can empower you to take control of what you can in the dating process and give you the best shot at success.

Or….you can keep spinning your wheels.

Your choice.

We’re here to help people who are ready to get results now.

Are you dating like it’s 2018?

Let us know where you are getting stuck or apply here to talk:

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn