Online Dating Doesn’t Work

During Summer 2017, two AMAZING women reached out to us.

They were both equally frustrated, disheartened, and even feeling a bit hopeless about when or if they would ever find the love of their life.

They both told us the same thing, “Online dating doesn’t work.”

Both of these women are professionals who are very successful in many other areas of their lives.

When we really dug deep, we found out they had both been going through the on again, off again cycle with online and offline dating for YEARS.

At that time, they both chose not to work with us.

Randomly, they both reached out and enrolled in our virtual training program about two weeks ago.

In a matter of two weeks, everything has changed. (check out a couple of recent posts from them in our FB group)



They are now full of hope.

Getting results.

Engaging with high quality men online and offline.

EVEN BETTER, it feels easy!

ONLINE Dating does work IF you have the right system and support.

Now, here’s the sad part, they could have had these results 6+ months ago.

They didn’t have to wait to release themselves from the frustration, heartache, and hopelessness.

The good news?

You don’t have to wait.

What is it costing you each day to stay where you are?

What are you missing out on?

If you want to have a simple system to follow that is going to show you exactly how to meet the man you want online or offline, go fill out an application to talk with us here:

Here’s the thing though….don’t fill out the form if you are comfortable getting the same results you are now and you want to wait around for another 6 months.

If you aren’t ready to do anything different, don’t reach out to us just for giggles.

We are only interested in chatting with people who are ready to actually do something about this.

Ashley & Michael