Online Dating Scams – The white lie you can’t come back from

online dating scams

She started receiving tons of mail about her upcoming eligibility for social security. Her husband who always collects the mail was getting annoyed by the mail because his wife wasn’t anywhere close to being eligible.

She was only 53 years old. It was a good 10 years until social security was even something to think about.

What a waste of paper he thought. Why would they be bombarding us with this mail?

In frustration he complained to his wife of 29 years about the devious marketing tactics in these mailers.

What came next was something he never expected.

A 29 year marriage unraveled right before his eyes. He found out his wife lied about her age by 10 years when they first met. She wasn’t 53 years old as he thought. She was actually 63 years old.

The sad part was that he wasn’t angry about her real age. He was upset about a 29 year lie he had been told. Every birthday was a lie. When he threw her that big 40 year birthday party she was actually 50.

He couldn’t wrap his head around the situation and felt like the whole relationship was a lie.

From her perspective she had told “a little while lie” 29 years ago, but felt that she had to keep the lie going to maintain the relationship.

She couldn’t figure out a way to tell her husband about the secret she had been keeping for decades. That was until everything blew up and it all came out.

This is a true story and a tragic one at that.

Some people may be able to get past “a white lie” like this. Others won’t

In working with many clients at eHarmony and in seeing thousands of profiles, we’ve discovered that many well intentioned people lie about their age online.

These are often people who have integrity, but feel like they have no option other than to lie about their age to find an ideal partner.

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to lie about your age. Don’t do it. Don’t go there. If you are currently doing it don’t beat yourself up, but change it now.

Be your best authentic self. Be the real you. The real you is what the right person for you wants. It’s what the world needs.

If you are having problems attracting a man your age or a man younger than you online, step up your efforts offline.

Offline you don’t have a screaming sign saying your age. You have your beauty, your sensuality, your vibrant personality, your intellect. Offline you can lead with those qualities. Men will be attracted to you and will get to know you before finding out your age.

We still recommend you looking for your man both online and offline, but don’t lie about your age. It always comes out and sets your new relationship off on a house of cards.

Say yes to love,
Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn


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Online Dating Scams – The white lie you can’t come back from