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It seems like every day there is some hot new trend or fad.

Have you ever BELIEVED without a shadow of a doubt that one of these “hot” trends was BAD for people?

We have.

We thought Atkins diet was for sure going to clog people’s arteries and lead to a whole host of problems.

Now they say fat is good for you and it’s the primary focus of popular diets like keto.

Who knew?!

At the time, we thought it was just a fad.

It wasn’t the REAL WAY to do something.

Maybe you would’ve bet your entire paycheck that ebooks were just a fad and the ONLY way to REALLY read a book was hardcover or paperback

Maybe you thought it was crazy that people were buying things online and that you’d NEVER enter your financial information into a form online.

Maybe you HATE SOCIAL MEDIA and think it’s destroying the way we connect with each other.

Many people in the 90’s thought that the INTERNET was a fad.  Yes, people actually thought the internet would implode and have very little impact.

And these were some of the smartest people in the world saying these things that now look extremely ignorant.

Remember Y2K? If not, here you go Well, Y2K obviously never happened.

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Many people believe online dating is just a fad.  That it DOESN’T WORK.  That it is ruining how we get to know each other naturally.

People have been saying this since the inception of in 1995.

That’s over two decades now!

Ask anyone about online dating and you will get STRONG OPINIONS.

One type of person will say it’s the greatest thing that ever happened.

The other type of person HATES online dating and thinks it’s literally destroying how people meet.

If you’ve used online dating for any period of time and haven’t met anything close to the right person you are probably closer to the latter type of person.

This is a dangerous position to take and can seriously damage your ability to meet the right person.

The REAL TRUTH is that online dating isn’t good or bad.

Remember people said the radio was bad for people, television was bad, video games were bad, driving cars were bad.

Any new technology gets labeled as bad by people who are used to doing it the old fashioned way.

None of the things we have written about here are inherently bad or good.

HOW you USE something is what leads to your perception of whether it is good or bad.

Online dating is simply one of the best opportunities to meet qualified, compatible matches IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

And it isn’t going anywhere.

It’s here to stay.

Same with chatting or texting with people your dating.

Don’t waste any of your time bemoaning the fact that this is how we communicate today.

Instead do what winners do.  Figure out HOW to use these new technologies to your advantage and to better your life.


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