Online Dating Tips for Women – Do you have Online Dating ADHD?

Today we got the best online dating tips for women just like you.  If you have online dating ADHD it will be nearly impossible the meet the right man online.


Our inbox’s get FLOODED from people desperately wanting help with online dating.

People are at their BREAKING POINTS feeling overwhelmed with all the messages, winks, bells and whistles from these dating sites or apps.

What do you pay attention to?

What do you ignore?

What is a complete waste of time?

Now more than ever, you NEED an effective strategy to meet the guy for you online or you’ll drowned in all the things you COULD be doing.

That’s right, you need a strategy.

It’s like working out.  If you go to the gym without a strategy, the chances of you wasting your time or at the very least falling woefully short of the amazing results you could be getting are close to 100%.

and yet….

Most people have ZERO idea or thought behind what they’re doing online.

At TEAM ARN, we do things differently as you know.

We zig when others zag (that’s the only way to succeed by the way)

Being one of the sheep and following the herd like everybody else is the surest way to get average results.


You aren’t here for average.

You have jumped on TEAM ARN for RESULTS that are extraordinary.

Be Honest…

What are your daily and weekly actions on these online dating sites or apps?

Online Dating Tips for Women – Do you have Online Dating ADHD?

Do you have online dating ADHD?

Take an honest look at what you are DOING on a consistent basis on these sites/apps.

Not on what you SHOULD be doing, but what you’re actually doing.

Most people are DOING next to nothing OR…

They are jumping around doing all sorts of things (winking, messaging, scrolling, reading, picture gazing, swiping) but have NO STRATEGY behind their actions.

They are busy, but not effective.

This is what we call online dating ADHD.

To meet YOUR MAN online, you need a strategy.

Especially since we know you are a busy woman with other priorities in your life.

We teach our clients the best and most effective ACTIONS to take online so that they can weed through all the low status, low caliber, non-compatible guys out there and meet the one without losing their minds.

We give them a complete strategy to ensure they’re getting the best ROI for their time and energy in online dating.

If you aren’t careful online dating is a deep and dark rabbit hole of utter nonsense that drains your time, energy and soul along the way.


If you know what you are doing and know how to do it weekly, you will meet the right man for you.

We have many clients who are succeeding with online dating right now.

If you would like to be one of them, NOW is the time to setup a call to talk with us to see if we can help you like all our other clients.

We can’t help everyone.

You must be hungry to change your love life right now.  Not tomorrow or next week.

You need to be open to taking actions that are outside your comfort zone (the right guy for you is always outside your comfort zone)

You must be open to feedback and coachable. (if you have 101 reasons why what we teach won’t work for you, we can’t help you)


For a select few of you, we will help you FIND and ATTRACT the man you want in a matter of weeks or months… even if you’ve only been connecting with unavailable or undesirable guys your whole life.

If that’s you, book a call with us so that we can find out more about your specific situation and if it’s a fit, set you up on a plan to find love and make it last once and for all.

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