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8 Online Dating Tips for Women – Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work for Some People

Today we going to teach you our best Online Dating Tips for Women!

online dating tips for women

Does online dating work?

Yes it does, but not for everyone.

Online Dating Sucks… It Doesn’t Work! All I see are deadbeats online…

We hear this all the time.

Online dating is one of the most polarizing things in the world.

Many people hate online dating as much as they hate going to the dentist.

Other people LOVE IT. SWEAR by it.

As you know, we were matchmakers and dating experts at eHarmony for years.

No this isn’t a pitch to use eHarmony or any site for that matter.

We DO have unrivaled experience and knowledge about the online dating world.

We know what works and what doesn’t work.

We know why some people struggle to find the right person online and why others find their soul mate quickly.

We are going to tell you the exact reasons online dating doesn’t work for people.

The good news: all the reasons are fixable. You can change what you’re doing online and transform your results.

The bad news: most people won’t change anything and simply blame online dating sites for their lack of results.

8 Online Dating Tips for Women

1. Not having AMAZING photos.

After looking at millions of profiles, we can tell you without hesitation that 99% of people don’t take their photos seriously enough online.

People usually use photos they have of themselves laying around their house or computer. Photos of them out with friends or going to events.

Your photos are your first impression. If you don’t have AMAZING photos men won’t even read your information. They will quickly move on to the next person.

You need to have 3-5 AMAZING photos of you and nobody else. They can’t be good. They have to be great.

2. Wearing non-date outfits in their photos.

Having the majority of your online dating photos with you in your hiking outfits won’t work. At the beach? Nope. In your work clothes? Don’t do it.

Sure, you can have one photo of you hiking or at the beach, but the majority of your photos must be of you wearing an outfit you wear on dates.

3. Not having an attractive and curiosity inducing About Me section and What you’re looking for section.

You have to be able to write about yourself in a succinct way that leads to the right type of guys wanting to know more about you.

The goal of your profile is to pique the curiosity and interest of the right type of guy so that the two of you start an interaction on the site.

4. Coming across defensive or resume oriented in their profile.

Complaining about your previous dates or men in general comes across as defensive and will turn off good guys from reaching out to you.

Also, talking endlessly about your career or accomplishments is also a turnoff on a dating site.

5. Writing way too much or too little.

You need to strike a good balance of writing enough to pique someone’s interest but not too much to overwhelm them.

6. Being too picky or restrictive too early.

You can’t be looking for compatibility on an online dating site. Yes, you screen out the guys who are way off, but you don’t want to read too much into dating profiles.

You want to get to know people on dates and judge compatibility after several dates. Not before.

7. Not dropping hooks to guys they like with effective messages.

You can’t sit back and wait for the right guy to find you online. You want to quickly go through profiles and send initial messages to the guys you like. We call this dropping hooks. You want to be dropping hooks daily.

8. Not having a smooth process to go from online to offline.

Many people waste a lot of time messaging people online. You don’t want to get stuck in an online relationship. You want to quickly and effectively move from a few messages on an online dating site to a first date.

We teach our clients our 3-2-1 Meet strategy which enables them to go from seeing a guy online they like to having a great first date.

Those are the primary reasons people don’t find love online.

It has nothing to do with the sites themselves and everything to do with your mindset and dating strategies.

Yes some sites do suck. Many of them don’t.

All of these problems are fixable with the right mindset and the right strategies.

Those are just some of our online dating tips for women.

We show our clients how to do both in our live workshop. In fact we teach our proven 7 step system to find love with the right guy for you.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn