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The very first step to finding the love of your life is checking where your stories are at.

Most women make the mistake of trying 5 million different things to find that one “magic trick” that is going to help them find love.

They read books and blogs.

They try dating sites for short bursts of time.

They get discouraged with online dating and feel burned out.

They take a hiatus from dating and tell themselves they just need to be single for awhile.

Eventually, they realize that they need to do something because being alone is unacceptable, so they go back to the dating sites only to repeat the same cycle.

The cycle is that they make love a priority for a few weeks or maybe months, take a hiatus, and then come back to it.

Doing the same things over and over again is frustrating.

It wastes your time.

It takes you farther and farther away from your goals.

Doing the same things WILL NOT work.

Take a minute to think deeply about where you are at in your love life.

Notice your thoughts.

Are they positive or focused on how you can’t do it?

Do you believe that you deserve the kind of love your heart desires?

Are you 100% confident that you know this kind of love exists?

If there is a conflict between what you want and what you think you deserve or exists, it is time to check your stories.

This kind of conflict leads to inaction and staying stuck.

What would it be like to not have to figure this out on your own?

Imagine what it would do for you to spend the next holiday season in the arms of an incredible man who sees you for who you are and loves every part of you.

We have helped thousands of women find love and we can help you too.

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