Overcoming Commitment Issues: Sex won’t make him put a ring on it


You’ve probably heard that men have commitment issues.   You’ve most likely read or heard some pop psychology psychobabble from Cosmo or talk shows about how men have a fear of commitment.


First of all men don’t have commitment issues.  Have you ever seen a man when he is passionate about something?  He is so committed to that one thing he has a hard time thinking about anything else or even paying attention to you.


Try to tell a man something when he is caught up in doing something he is passionate about and you’ll know what we mean. You could be wearing your sexiest Victoria’s Secret lingerie and he wouldn’t even notice.


So why is it so hard to get a man to commit?


Men aren’t afraid of commitment, but for your man to put a ring on it, he does have to give up his James Bond fantasy of having a harem of adoring sexy women fawning all over him like a hot pair of shoes.   Almost every man has this irrational fantasy in the back of his mind that someday he will be a world class lothario.


To commit to you, he has to give up on this fantasy once and for all and we’ll show you how you can make him happy to do it.


It won’t be with sex though.  Many women make the mistake of trying to get a man to commit by using sex as their weapon.   A man can have sex with you even if he has no emotional attraction for you. Men do not necessarily equate sex with a relationship. He might, but having sex with a man doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the path to marriage. For many women sex means we’re moving toward a relationship. But men don’t have this linkage.


There might be times in your life when you also want to have sex and aren’t looking for a relationship. Maybe you’re looking for some sexual pleasure or casual sex and there’s nothing wrong with that. We just don’t want you to get hurt. Please be careful about meeting a man and getting into a sexual relationship right away, expecting it to turn into a long lasting love affair.


For most men, sex is just sex.  It’s not the guiding path towards a loving, happy marriage.


What guides a relationship into a loving happy marriage is the woman being the selector in the relationship and creating a lasting emotional attraction with a man.


The reason a man wants to be in a relationship with you and commit to you forever is a result of emotional attraction triggers and there are 8 of them.  If you want your man to commit to you forever and put a ring on it go read this…




You don’t have to settle, resort to begging or use sex to get Mr. Right to commit to you.  Follow the link to find out how to get him to have eyes only for you.




Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn