People use Tinder for “confidence boosting procrastination”

44% of people using Tinder use the app for “confidence boosting procrastination”.


Read that again.

A large percentage of people on Tinder aren’t looking for love.

They aren’t even looking to hook up.

They are doing “confidence boosting procrastination.”

What does that mean?

It is the act of avoiding the real stuff in life while doing something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Procrastinating on the important stuff in life while boosting your ego with strangers liking how you look.


We often use Tinder and other dating apps or sites for ego stroking.

Here’s the study

We want…

No we NEEEED to feel good about ourselves.

What’s one of the easiest ways to do it.

By getting real world feedback about all the guys out there swiping yes on your photos.

It feels good to see real people swiping yes to you.

It’s an ego boost to know you still got it.

It also feels good when you say NOOO to people.

When you realize you’re a catch because a lot of the people you’re seeing aren’t up to your standards.

That’s also an ego boost.

Of course, none of this is real.

This isn’t the real world.

If you are on a site or app primarily for ego boosting procrastination, you are playing a video game plain and simple.

You aren’t moving toward finding someone.

You aren’t any closer to being in a great relationship.

You are hitting the dopamine drip of in the moment ego stroking and that is all you’re doing.

and guess what?

that’s okay.

We all need that from time to time.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking your taking action toward your meaningful goals.

You are actually moving further away from finding the right person.

You are moving away from your goals for immediate gratification.

Many of us get stuck in ego boosting procrastination for months, years and yes even decades.


Because it’s so seductive and feels so good.

It’s the cocaine of the dating world.

You tell yourself you’ll just do it one more time and stop so that you can do the things that’ll really get you into the relationship you want and deserve.

But that never happens.

Months become years, years become a decade and you are no closer to finding love.

It happens to the best of us.

Time stands for no woman.

Your ideal man is always outside your comfort zone.

You have to have the courage to step up and go through the hard parts.

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