Are You a Perfectionist or a Scaredy Cat?


Many of you are ambitious professionals.

You have a good education.  You have a respected job.  You excel in number of areas of life.

You like things the way that you like them.  You want to do a great job at whatever you do.

You may call yourself a perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist has some advantages.  It also has some disadvantages.

In your career, it can help.  Sure it might cause you some stress or mental anguish but it helps you to succeed at times.

In your love life being a perfectionist is almost always a bad thing.

Love, chemistry and desire don’t abide by the normal rational rules of living.

They aren’t perfect.  They’re messy.

If you WAIT for

-the situation to be perfect….

-you to be perfect…..

-your date to be perfect….

-your online profile to be perfect…

You will never find success in love.

Waiting is the kiss of death in dating.

Ask yourself are you waiting or creating?

There is something even worse than perfectionism.

There is a DIS-EASE going around today.

Many people aren’t REALLY perfectionists.

Especially in their love lives.  They aren’t perfectionists.

Sure, they call themselves perfectionists but they aren’t.

They are using being a perfectionist as an excuse.

It’s a cover up.

It’s hiding that they are REALLY SCARED!

It happens a lot in dating and love.


Well we are glad you asked kind grasshopper!

It’s because in dating and love you have the most potential to be hurt.

to be rejected.

to get the wind knocked out of you by some narcissistic prick.

It’s easy to put a guard up and want to protect yourself from the real possibility of getting hurt in love.

It’s okay to be scared.  It’s okay to want to protect yourself.


You don’t want to lie yourself and say your not taking action because you’re a perfectionist.

Covering it up with a perfectionism lie will STOP you from overcoming your fear.

If you have the self-awareness and courage to admit you’re scared you have taken a MAJOR first step.

The next step is to take courageous action. Little steps to move you in the right direction to find love.

You don’t need to hit a home run in love.  You need to hit little singles everyday.

We teach you how to overcome your fear and how to take the right steps at the right time in Single to Soul Mates University.  You will learn to hit singles daily and you will start to see results right away.

More importantly, you will have positive momentum on your side and the confidence in knowing you are on the right path.

Don’t wait.  CREATE

Your love doctors,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn