The “It probably works, but not for me” strategy.

If you want to be one of the world’s foremost experts in unhappiness and loneliness we have a great strategy for you.

Sure, there are many unhappy people out there, but with dedicated practice you can learn to surpass most other people’s unhappiness.

First, identify the best practices out there in terms of how to find love and how to be happy.

Discover what the happiest and most in love people have done to get there.

Take each one of these strategies separately and immediately come up with as many reasons as you can why it wouldn’t work for you.

This isn’t easy.

You need to relentlessly focus on this list of reasons why it won’t work for you.

Other people will tell you that you can do it.  The key here is to dismiss their positive proclamations with “they just don’t get it”.

We call it the “Yes, but” mindset.

When you come across something that seems to lead to happiness and love, you want to say out loud…..   Yes that sounds good, but…… (and voice your list of reasons why it won’t work).

You have to work hard to discover all the littlest of ways something might work for everyone else, but not you.

You want to build your challenges up so much in your mind that they seem insurmountable. That they are so big that nobody could get through them.

You have to actively push any thoughts out of your mind about all the hard work other people did to be happy and in love.

You want to instantly excuse where they are now as luck or that they were simply born that way.

Anytime you get some momentum or you see an inkling of success you want to tell yourself “it was just a fluke and it won’t last”.

If you put these strategies into practice and work hard at it you can most surely be unhappier then most people.

The Ununhappiness experts,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn