The red carpet was “normal” that’s why it failed.

This was the title of the Cosmo headlines today.

Being “normal” means that you fall between the cracks.





Normal=What is expected

So, what does this have to do with your love life?

Most people fall into the category of being “normal” in their love life.

They take the steps they are “supposed” to take.

They do what everyone else does to try to find love…which is stay stuck in an on again off again cycle of dating people that aren’t really exciting or interesting to them.

Most people who want to be “normal” in their love life stay single or live very unfulfilling love lives with people that they really aren’t passionate about.

BUT….there are a small amount of women out there living the ABNORMAL love life.

In dating, that means that they are getting out there, meeting high caliber men, creating chemical and compatible connections, and having the confidence that they are a PRIZE.

This is exactly what we are teaching out clients to do and we can help you do the same.

Today, we are offering up a FREE Attract The Man You Want Session to those of you that are ready to have an ABNORMAL love life.

Here’s what we are going to do in this call:

  1. Get clarity on what is standing in the way.
  2. Dial in what is preventing you from finding the right person.
  3. Inspire you to take action toward making your love life a priority and getting results you have never been able to get in the past.

There’s no cost to this and there’s no obligation of any kind.

Why are we doing this? Because some of you will choose to work with us.

If you are comfortable with a normal, mediocre, average love life, don’t apply.

If you just want to vent and don’t want to do anything different, don’t apply.

We can’t help everyone. We only help people who want to make this change now.

Space is limited so go here now to set it up:


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael