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The Romantic Movie Love Dating Pattern


It’s been a sick few days over here at the Dr. Arn household.  Mason and Michael are still feeling the sick wrath.

Meanwhile, Ashley has been able to escape the sick monster so far. (Although she’s had to put up with two sick men which might be worse than ACTUALLY being sick)……

We read an interesting article yesterday….

It was about the rise of VEGAN Dating Sites.  Yes, Vegans are being matched on their own dating sites.

Click here to for the article

We’ve started talking to you about The Forever Single Dating Patterns.

These are patterns we’ve identified in talking to thousands of people and in coaching our students in our Live Workshop and in Single to Soul Mates University.

These patterns sabotage your success in love.

They PREVENT you from finding lasting love with your Mr. Right.

They’re insidious because you often don’t even know you stuck in one of these patterns.

In the last article we talked about The Crazy Chemistry Dating Pattern.

Today we are going to talk about The Romantic Movie Love Dating Pattern.

AAAHHH yes this pattern is rampant in women.

In this pattern, you have a fantasy relationship with a guy in your mind while the reality of the situation between you two is VERY DIFFERENT.

You might barely know this guy and fantasize about him from afar.

He might be a co-worker who you’ve had a fantasy relationship with for months, but the two of you aren’t actually dating.

He might be a friend of yours who you’re dating romantically in your mind but not in real life.

It might be an ex that you’re having a relationship with in your mind, even though he ended things months ago.

You find yourself constantly imagining how things could be despite the fact that there is no actual evidence to support that this feeling is reciprocated.
You focus on how things could be between the two of you.

How great of a guy he COULD BE.

Most of the time when you’re stuck in The Romantic Movie Love Dating Pattern you haven’t done anything put yourself out there and tell this guy how you feel about him.

Your worried he WON’T reciprocate your feelings or attraction.

Or maybe you have told him and he is breadcrumbing you.  Despite his breadcrumbing, you are holding out hope he will SEE THE LIGHT and pursue you.

The worst part about this fantasy relationship is that it prevents you from taking action in your love life, because you are holding on to hope that this relationship might someday magically work.
You don’t have mental and emotional room for other high caliber men who could be great for you, because you are stuck in this fantasy relationship.

You have to mentally and emotionally get out of this fantasy relationship to be open to a new one.

It doesn’t work to be half in one and half in another.

We know how to get you out of The Forever Single Dating Patterns.  Book a Free Single to Soul Mates Session with us so we can identify if and how we can help you right away.

Warning: this is only for people who are serious about making a change now and are ready to take action right away.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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