Is Russia Hacking Your Dates?

We are sure you’ve heard the news.

Russia may or may not have hacked into the democrats emails to get the Trumpster elected.

If you are a republican you are saying there is no way Russia did this.

If you are a  democrat you are YELLING that Vladimir Putin did this intentionally to get his BFF elected president of the United States.

Either way you are getting whipped up into a frenzy.

Russia isn’t the only ones who can hack elections or anything else for that matter.

Many people can interfere in your life.

Call them haters, naysers, protecters or the concerned.

They will try to hack into your brain and interfere with your path toward success.

The bigger your goals, the more of “them” will come out of the woodwork to get in your way.

The more forceful they will look to hack your brain.

If you want to grow as a person, invest in yourself and find love once and for all, they will throw pitchforks at you.

You will have to deal with them if you want to have an unbeatable mindset and take the right steps to connect with your Mr. Right.

The haters and naysers are your most obvious hackers.  They can hack your brain and get you to doubt yourself.  They can throw you off your path and lead you to lost focus.

The biggest problem are the hackers who have GOOD INTENTIONS.

They are your family members.

They are your closest friends.

Your best co-workers.

Some of them actually want the best for you.

Their way of sabotaging your success in love comes from caring for you.

They want to protect you from heartache.

From the risk of going for it.

They want to make sure you understand “how hard it is”.

They want you to be “realistic”.

They feed into BS stories of how all men are pigs.

How all men are cheaters.

They get you to doubt the possibility of ever finding a guy who is worthy of you.

It’s hard to cope with these well intentioned saboteurs.

Luckily we have specialized in systemic transformation for years.

We know just who you NEED to look out for in your life and what kind of anti-virus you need for your Mindset to help you succeed.

In Single to Soul Mates University, we teach you the exact steps to take to swat these hackers off and to create an unbeatable mindset that will help you succeed in every area of life.

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Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn