Does Santa Clause have Commitment Issues?

Over the weekend we saw Santa Clause in our little hometown of Sonoma, CA.

Our son Mason has been anticipating the big red’s arrival for weeks.   You could see the excitement written all over his face.

Mason talked endlessly about what he was going to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas.  This was a big part of seeing Santa for him.

Santa had to know he wanted transformers, power rangers and trucks.

He also told us he was going to tell Santa he had a FAT BELLY.

When he said this, we had one of those parent moments where you secretly laugh on the inside, but pretend your not supposed to say such a thing on the outside.

When Friday came, it was the big moment.

Santa was coming…..

We saw lights flashing off into the distance.

The sounds of Christmas music getting louder and louder.

Yes it was Santa Clause himself coming.

He rode in valiantly on on his fire truck er..  I mean slay.  Mason was beaming with joy and excitement.  He also said to us – hey Mrs. Clause is a fireman (A fireman was driving the truck Santa was riding in).

It was a great moment to see the joyous look on our son’s face.

Then something strange happened.

Santa Clause stopped for a moment.

Waved at the kids.

and rode off again.

He left.

Mason was pissed.  He was hurt.  He felt rejected.

He didn’t even get to tell Santa what he wanted!

Would he even get presents now!  He had been a good boy all year!

So Santa came and went just like that.  It was more of sighting.  It wasn’t the normal sit down with Santa and tell him what you want deal.

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Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn