SAY THIS, NOT THAT in Dating & Relationships….

There is the end of the conversation when you want someone to take your phone number and call or text you.

What do we normally do?

Usually we say nothing and miss out on ever talking to that person again.

or we say “here’s my number give me a call”

or “give me your number”

Next time SAY THIS:

“I have to go, it was great talking to you.” followed by……

1. You seem fun! Feel free to shoot me a text to get together.

2. (if he said he’s going somewhere) That sounds fun. Feel free to shoot me a text if it’s worth coming over when you get there.

4. We’re going (if you are going somewhere) _______ feel free to join us. It’s going to be fun. Shoot me a text if you want the details.

The beauty of this strategy is you are giving him the green light to ask for your number and reach out to you.

You aren’t directly giving out your number at first, but if he wants to see you again, he will ask you for it after this interaction.