Are you being scammed in Dating?


You all know that there are a grip of scammers, sex addicts and digital douches out there in dating land.
In case you don’t know, digital douches are men who would otherwise be nice upstanding gentlemen, but because we communicate now digitally or through online, text or email primarily they are major douchebags. They’re inner douchey demons are let out and run rampant in a digital world. They text, email and hit you up online in rude, overly sexual and overly As#H@ley ways.

These guys are everywhere. They are online and offline. Unless you get lucky you won’t be able to completely avoid them.

Sure, you can dramatically reduce the amount of these men you interact with, but you won’t be able to avoid them all together.

The scammers will be trying to take the monies out of your purse. They romance and compliment you to get the monies. These guys often say they are working overseas or on an oil rig somewhere remote so “they can’t” video chat or meet you in person.
You want to identify these scammers quickly and move on.
The sex addicts out there want the goodies without the relationship. They will be overtly sexual or even ask you to send skin pics to them. They sometimes will even send you picture of themselves in their birthday suit (oh yay).
These guys are often easy to spot. You can’t avoid these guys all together. They will contact you. Don’t let their skeezy ways prevent you from getting out there and dating.
These 3 types of guys are out there. You will come across them if you’re out there dating.

Here is the good news. These guys are a small minority. Most guys are great. They are good guys and genuinely want to be in a committed relationship.

It doesn’t seem like that though does it? It seems like a majority of guys are one of these types. It’s the same reason the world seems like it’s falling apart right now, even though crime is down, the economy is humming along and we are living in the greatest time to be alive. The bad apples, terrible news and crisis stories are the loudest and are the juiciest ones. The bad stories sell. They give great ratings. So, they get reported on disproportionality to the good ones.

These guys are a loud minority of the men out there. Most guys mean well and have good intentions.
In Single to Soul Mates University you learn a 3 step process for identifying the scammers, the s#x addicts and the digital douches. This process is simple and easy. It also saves you a ton of time and energy having to deal with this lot.

Join Single to Soul Mates University to find where all the good guys congregate so you can find one of them fellers for yourself.


Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael Arn