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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

A secret Batwoman used to find love with Batman.


We know a secret that Batwoman used to meet, attract and fall in love with Batman.

You see, for years she was single and dating THE WRONG GUYS.

She read books, articles and talked to her friends for YEARS about what she could do differently to find the right guy for her once and for all.

None of it worked.

No matter what she did she ended up frustrated, hurt and SINGLE.

This messed with her self-esteem.  She felt bad about herself.

She didn’t tell many people this but when she was laying in bed at night ALONE she felt sad.  She felt like there might be something wrong with her.

She couldn’t figure out WHY she was doing many of the same things her friends were doing and it WASN’T WORKING for her.

She was working on herself, using online dating apps, going out on dates yet she was still SINGLE.

Either she wasn’t into the guys or the guys she liked were flakes or even worse played with her emotions by acting hot and cold toward her.

She wasn’t dating high caliber men who were CHASING HER.

It all changed when she created her MISSION STATEMENT.

She got CLARITY about….

–Who she is…

–What she wants….

–Why this is so important to her…

–What she doesn’t want….

–Her commitment to her future happiness….

Once she got clarity by creating her mission statement she read it everyday twice a day.

She also read it before going to her online sites or before going on dates.

Her mission statement set her on a completely different path.

All of sudden everything she was doing to find her Mr. Right made sense.

Her intentions – actions – and results lined up.

She felt immense confidence in herself and in her strategy to find love.

If you haven’t created your mission statement you will struggle to find love.  You will fail to get the results you want and deserve.

Your mission statement is the glue to everything you do in dating.

It is the backbone of success in finding love.

If you haven’t created your mission statement yet, we will be teaching our Single to Soul Mates University members how to do it.

Join Single to Soul Mates University to create your mission statement right away:

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

P.S. If you are a Single to Soul Mates University Member we have a live training today at 11 pacific on creating your Mission Statement.  Go to the private members area in facebook to watch the training.