When you shouldn’t listen to the voice inside

Our internal voices are either our jailers or they lead you to living an authentic and fulfilling life.

We all hear voices.

Don’t let any psychiatrist tell you differently.

Your internal voices are simply your conscious and unconscious thoughts.

You have roughly 60 THOUSAND thoughts per day.

Some of them are helpful.

Many of them are harmful to your happiness and goals.

How do you know when to TRUST your inner voice and when to ignore it?

Us humans are wired for survival.

Most of your automatic thoughts are survival based.

They are geared to help you survive.

They look for what’s wrong.

What could go wrong.

What is out there that could hurt you.

These are great survival mechanisms to protect you from deadly things or hurtful people.

They aren’t good for happiness, goal achievement and ultimate fulfillment.

So how do you get to know and trust the voice inside?

Your innate wisdom and knowledge?

The key is to listen to the voice inside when you are in a calm and peaceful place emotionally.

Anytime you are anxious, stressed or upset the voice inside is not your authentic best self.

It’s a version of you that is overtaken by stress, fear, anxiety or anger.

It’s crucial to be able to go inside yourself, calm the waters of your emotions and THEN AND ONLY THEN LISTEN TO THE VOICE INSIDE.

We have a 5 minute mindfulness and meditation to help you get there. Listen here:

Listen to the voice inside

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn