Soul Mates are Created

First you find the right person for you, then you fight like hell for the rest of your life to be soul mates.

soul mates created

Last Sunday we realized something was off between us and had been for 2 weeks.

We weren’t connecting.

weren’t on the same page.

We were bickering over little things.

getting annoyed with each other over day to day things.

We caught ourselves not prioritizing each other and not prioritizing our relationship.

For several weeks we had both been sick as well as our son.

We felt sick, tired and not sexy to say the least.

We avoided holding hands, kissing or any form of touching that would spread the sickness we were already passing to each other even more.

On Sunday we talked about this funk we were in.

We realized that we weren’t prioritizing each other.

It didn’t matter if the main reason was because we were sick or other life challenges.

We still dropped the ball in our relationship for a few weeks.

We committed to getting back on track as a couple.  We committed to connecting with each other and to putting our relationship first.

We got back our love and relationship momentum quickly once we decided to make it a priority.

The sickness wouldn’t go away for a few more days, but our relationship funk went away right away.

If you want to find love with your soul mate you have to realize one thing.

Soul Mates are created.

They don’t just happen naturally.

We have amazing marriage.  We are very compatible.  We have great chemistry and find it easy to connect with each other.

Despite those great things, it still takes effort to create a soul mate relationship.

and if you stop the effort?

The relationship suffers.

We’ve worked with some of the top relationship psychologists in the world so we know WHAT steps to take to create a soul mate relationship.

The steps are simple and we can teach you, but you have to have the heart and courage to take action.

You want to learn the steps to create a soul mate relationship before you meet the right guy.

Go here to book a free Single to Soul Mates Session with us so you can create your very own soul mate love.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn