Step by step plan to stay single

Today you’re going to learn HOW to stay single.

Knowing how to achieve the opposite of your goal is just as important as knowing how to get what you want.

Many times what you choose NOT to do is more important than what you choose to do.

This weekend we chose to put away our phones and focus on spending real quality time together as a family.

Our son Mason had our full presence. Our two dogs Bear and Bailey loved having our full attention.

As many of you know we live in Sonoma, CA which is WINE COUNTRY, so naturally we went to a few wineries on our adventures.

The cool thing is many of the wineries out here are kid and dog friendly.

Here’s your step by step plan to stay single….

1. Keep doing or not doing what you’re doing right now. Don’t change anything.

2. Go from one dating site to another never really meeting anyone you’re interested in.

3. Hire a matchmaker only to find out they have no clue who to match you with and don’t have the database to match you with the guy you want.

4. Debate dating and singledom with your friends and family who themselves haven’t created the kind of relationship you want.

5. Tell yourself “it’s where I live. The guy I’m looking for doesn’t live in ______ (Miami, Toledo, Philadelphia)”

6. Lie to yourself that it’ll just happen when the time is right.

7. Be so busy that you don’t prioritize meeting someone and tell yourself “I’ll find the time someday”.

8. Read a bunch of dating advice and information (books, blogs, youtube videos) that only confuses you more.

9. Focus on your career and other activities because they aren’t as emotionally difficult as fixing your love life.

10. Believe that you don’t need to change anything about YOU, your communication, how you’re showing up or your dating strategy and blame your results on others or other external factors.

Do those 10 steps and you will remain single…….

Or you can commit to changing this and go watch our training on HOW to meet the man you WANT in the next 90 days here:


Rooting for you

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn