How to stop Falling in Love with the Wrong Men


Getting dumped when you’re in love with someone is the worst.

Realizing that the person you have the feelz for is totally wrong for you is excruciating.

We know how hard it is to choose the right person to love.

Many of you have asked us how you can stop falling for guys so quickly.

How you can stop falling for the wrong guys over and over again.

We teach our clients a specific dating process for how they can get to know someone quickly and on a deep level.

This is important so that you can move on from the wrong people BEFORE you get the feelz.

Here are 4 steps to falling in love with the right person

1. Create a high value lifestyle with room for the right person.

2. Know your winning blueprint and have the courage and commitment to live from it.

3. Be the person being reacted to.

4. Use the 4C’s – Connection, Chemistry, Compatibility and Commitment.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn