Success Principles – Success = Results + Impact + Profit

We went to a Kentucky Derby party this weekend in our wine country town of Sonoma.

Michael wore pink shorts and a red bowtie. 

Ashley wore one of those big floppy pink Kentucky Derby style hats.

We had a blast pretending to care about horse racing with our friends.

Later that night we went to a fundraiser for our son’s school.

The fundraiser event was a Poker tournament.

It got us to thinking….

There are certain SUCCESS strategies in anything in life.

Whether you’re……

…..a jockey trying to win the Kentucky Derby…

…..competing in a poker tournament….

….trying to raise the most money for your school

….wanting to succeed in your career or a business you own.

There are SUCCESS strategies that you can apply to all these situations.

Ashley recorded a video explaining the three elements we’ve seen to be important to your success in any endeavor.

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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn