How to Text a Guy Between Dates

Know exactly what to text him before or in between dates to spark attraction.

Hey it’s Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael from TEAM ARN with a short but powerful message,

One of our clients in our Meet the Man You Want Bootcamp asked about how she could text a man between dates.

She connected with a guy who was working on the road for a few weeks and she wanted to know how to message him before they could get together in person.

Here’s the thing….

Communicating through text can be one of your BEST TOOLS for sparking attraction with a guy and getting to know him in the beginning.

But… for most people it SERIOUSLY HURTS their connections in dating.

You’re on TEAM ARN so we know you are an elite woman who is a good communicator.

We want to make you a MASTER communicator. The difference in results between good and mastery is beyond comprehension.

We have women on TEAM ARN who have up leveled their communication to such a degree that it has not only helped them meat the right man but has helped them land a better job, get a raise, become more influential in the office, improve their friendships, copy with tricky family situations etc.

Watch this video to up level your communication through text right away.

How to Text a Guy Between Dates