The Donald vs. The Hills


Can you fathom how crazy the next 6 months will be in the presidential election?

It’s down to two people.

The Donald vs. The Hills

No matter what your politics, you know it’s going to get vicious between these two.

Old Donnie boy can’t help but throw verbal punches left and right.  He’s already accusing Bill Clinton of being a rapist and saying Hillary enabled it all.

Hillary already put out an attack ad on the reality star using his own words against him.

You know the Trumpmeister is going to get down, dirty and personal with his lip boxing.  That’s been is MO with everyone so far.

What is most interesting to see is if the Hills will also get down and dirty in her attacks.  We don’t know yet whether she will take the high road and focus on the issues or get personal too.

We also don’t know which option will get her the best results, because she’s never faced an opponent like the Trumpmeister.

We can tell you one thing; this upcoming presidential car wreck is terrible for the relationships between men and women.

It seems like the gender wars are on in full force.

Trumpmeister already accused the Hills of playing “the woman card”.

This polarizing rhetoric of separation between men and women is no bueno

Why is it so bad?

Because men and women need each other.

No not in the 1950’s style dependence on each other.

We’ve evolved beyond that.  We don’t need each other economically, socially or from a societal standpoint.

We do need each other from an emotional, happiness and fulfillment standpoint.

We need each other to fulfill our deepest emotional needs.

We are no longer dependent or purely independent.

We are now interdependent on each other.

We don’t need each other for survival needs or for the basics of life.

We do need each other for the aspects of life that are great for your soul.  That create immense happiness in your life.  That lead to contentment and fulfillment.

So what is interdependence?

Interdependence is being and acting while taking into account your needs and at the same time caring about others’ needs instead of pleasing or ignoring others.

Learning how to be a happy and fulfilled person, while also learning to be interdependent with men is key to you finding last love.

As men and women, we need to respect our differences yet cherish our similarities.  We are much more similar then we are different.

We need close relationships in our lives to truly be successful.  Nothing is better than sharing the best moments of your life with those closest to you, especially in a romantic relationship.

We don’t think the Trumpmeister and the Hills will resolve their differences anytime soon.  You can learn to embrace the women and men in your life.  To live an interdependent life with them in the ultimate harmony.

If you want to rise above this man versus woman debate and learn how to live in happiness with the right guy for you go here.