The Psychology of Love and Relationships: Why You Should Say Yes to Love

What is your relationship to creating lasting love in your life?

Do you have a yes attitude or a no attitude?

These are important questions to ask yourself, because your answers will make or break your dating/relationship success.

It could be the reason you’ve been doing everything you can think of to find lasting love but nothing has worked.

Your answers are related to the psychology of love and relationships.

Initially, most of our clients have a no attitude toward creating lasting love in their lives and they don’t even know it. They’ve been learning all the dating, relationship and communication strategies they could find and still haven’t been able to have the relationship they want and deserve.

You might be asking “what is a yes attitude?”

We are glad you asked. A yes/no relationship is your mental framework or attitude toward anything in life. You can have a yes or no attitude toward men, toward money, toward your career, and toward anything you want it life.


A no relationship is an attitude toward something in your life that you want but don’t really believe is possible for you.


It comes from a scarcity mindset. It is often a hidden no type attitude full of negative invisible beliefs about the thing you want. It leads you to concoct all sorts of excuses about why you haven’t found success in a certain area and to create all kinds of fake obstacles that are blocking your progress.

Here’s an example:

Debbie is a 42 year old woman. She wants to have a loving, passionate and fulfilling relationship with a man her age so they can “grow young together”.

Unfortunately, Debbie has a no attitude toward having the kind of relationship she wants with a man.

During our coaching, we discovered that deep down she doesn’t really believe it’s possible for her to have the kind of relationship she wants. She’s been hurt in past relationships and believes “all men” hurt women. She believes “all the men my age only want a young and hot 22 year old”.


Because Debbie has a no attitude with her love life she does the following things that sabotage her success with men:

• She is closed off to the men around her

• She doesn’t ever smile, make eye contact with or flirt with men her age

• She is overly suspicious about men who are interested in her

• She is quick to lash out at a man for normal differences between men and women

• She sabotages her relationships with men in very subtle and undetectable ways

Fortunately, we were able to quickly spot Debbie’s no attitude toward love and help her turn it around quite easily.  Once she had a Say Yes attitude and energy toward love she was able to easily use almost any dating/relationship strategies and make them work.

A No attitude toward love shuts down any possibilities and creates instant excuses and justifications about why you can’t find lasting love. It prevents you from being your best self and stops you in your tracks before you’ve even started.

Creating a loving, passionate and fulfilling relationship starts with saying yes and having a yes attitude.

It’s an abundance mindset. When you have a Say Yes Attitude you open yourself and your life to all sorts of possibilities. You search inside of yourself for what you really want in your life and you Say Yes I can have that.

You don’t come up with the path toward what you want. You don’t make a pro’s and con’s list. You don’t explore all the obstacles and steps toward creating lasting love.  That comes later.  First, you commit yourself to having the kind of love life you want by saying yes. You say yes to love, commit first and then figure out how.

Here are some mantras you can use to help you have a Say Yes Attitude:

I Say Yes to love

I Say Yes to connecting with and expressing my best self

I Say Yes to celebrating the differences between men and women

I Say Yes to taking charge of my life

I Say Yes to making conscious choices

I Say Yes to creating crucial habits for lasting love

I Say Yes to being open and present in the moment

I Say Yes to being worthy of having the kind of love I want and deserve


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Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn