The Relationship Benefits of Deep Breathing for Professionals

You’re busy and Successful. You’re a professional, so you’re facing unique work and family pressures. Stress naturally comes with wanting a successful career and fulfilling personal relationships.


As successful professionals, it’s important that we take great and unconventional steps to cope with our daily stressors.  On any day, we could have hundreds of things to do. Each day, we’re trying to improve our health, relationship with a lover, our friendships, family relations, and advance our careers.


We can easily bring our work stress home if we don’t actively do something to relax and change our emotional states.  As a professional, your ability to change your emotional state and proactively deal with stress is a major factor in the success of your relationships.


Your emotional state is how you feel at any given moment. The state you’re in will determine how you act. For example, if you’re feeling frustrated or angry, you will most likely only have access to frustrated or angry behaviors. If you’re in an anxious emotional state, you will most likely act anxious and nervous.


As you can see, your emotional state has a big influence in your relationships.


The ability to change from an un-resourceful emotional state such as sadness, anger or being stressed out to a resourceful emotional state, is a crucial habit to develop in your relationships.


Most of us believe the way we feel is determined by what is going on around us. While it’s true that people or events in our lives can trigger us to feel a certain way, the way we feel is primarily a result of how we communicate with ourselves.


There are three ways to change your emotional state:

  • Change your body movement and position
  • Change your inner communication (what you tell yourself, what images you see in your mind, the tone of your inner voice, invisible scripts etc.)
  • Change your Focus


Body Movement and Position


Today, we will talk about changing your body movement and position. We believe that changing how you use your body is the quickest and easiest way to change how you feel.


This includes your posture, facial expressions, body movements, and how you breathe.


If you felt calm and confident imagine how would you stand? How would you walk? What voice tone would you use? How would you breathe? What facial expressions would you use?


If you change how you use your body to breathe as the confident you would breathe, and stand like the confident you would stand, you will start to feel more calm and confident.


Your body constantly communicates with your nervous system. In fact, your body can’t not communicate with your nervous system. If your body consistently communicates sad, anxious or angry messages, you will feel sad, anxious or angry.


If however you start to communicate calm, confident, and resourceful messages with your body posture, facial expressions and breathing, that’s how you will feel.


The Relationship Benefits of Deep Breathing


Your breathing is a huge part of your body movement. If you’re able to consciously change how you breathe, you will significantly improve your ability to deal with stress, and change how you feel.


Believe it or not, your ability to give and receive love in your relationships is closely tied to how you breathe.  Now we know you’re busy. We’v all heard of about the benefits of deep breathing, but few of us have actually tried it.


We’re not suggesting you start meditating for hours at a time. We’ve tried and we can’t meditate for 45 minutes, so we wouldn’t expect you to do so either. If you’re a type A personality, mediation can feel like your own personal hell.


We suggest you start focusing on your breathing for two minutes a day. In just two minutes a day you could start to experience the relationship benefits of deep breathing. It could be when you first wake up, when you get to work or right before you walk in the door after work.


For two minutes each day focus on doing the following deep breathing exercise.


1. Imagine feeling calm, confident and breathing as if the calm and confident you would breathe.

2. Exhale all of your air through your mouth

3. Once all of your air is released- hold it for 1-2 seconds

4. Inhale through your nose while counting to five on one hand

5. Hold your air in 1-2 seconds

6. Exhale all of your air while counting to seven on one hand and than start over at #3 (focus more on the exhale part of deep breathing than on the inhale)


Try this exercise once a day for a week. If you like how you feel or you start to experience the benefits of deep breathing, try it a couple of times a day or maybe anytime before interacting with your loved ones.


Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn