The Wrong Mindset – The worst question you can ask yourself!

Don’t let the wrong mindset stop your success or growth in their tracks.

We love helping people transform their lives.

It’s the reason we became Psychologists.

It’s the reason we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in education to learn from the best in the world of Psychology, Dating, Communication and Relationships.

It’s the reason we transformed ourselves first.

It’s the reason we are going to transform how the whole world looks at connection and relationships.

We are both obsessed with it.

Maybe even too much.

But that’s good for you.

We are truly on a mission to change the world.

We have a grand purpose – to help people connect with each other on a very deep level.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

In working with thousands of people, we’ve seen one horrendous pattern that stops any growth or momentum instantly.

Asking Yourself FAILURE questions.

What are failure questions?

They are questions you ask yourself that…

–Put you in the wrong mindset

–focus your mind solely on negative possibilities

–tear down your self-confidence and self-acceptance

–lead you to act from scarcity instead of gratitude and abundance

–downplay or completely disregard your skills and competence

–make excuses for why you shouldn’t take action or do something uncomfortable

–ignore all the success, learnings and achievements you’ve had in the past

The Wrong Mindset – What is the worst FAILURE question of all?

“what are all the reasons this won’t work for me?”

This one question has decimated the dreams and results of so many people.

In our change work with our clients we uncover variations of this question wreaking havoc in people’s minds constantly.

This questions shuts down any chances of you doing something great.

It stops you from taking uncomfortable yet necessary actions.

It paints you as a special snowflake who’s problems are insurmountable while “other” people can do it.

It puts you in a failure mindset and leads you to either take half assed action or quiting.

Although you don’t want to be a naive Pollyanna, you also don’t want to have your primary focus be on why something won’t work.

You want to take a realistic perspective of the current situation and results while having an eye on what you want.

You want to ask yourself SUCCESS QUESTIONS.

If you are following a proven system and you have a great strategy that has worked for many others like ours, the best question to ask yourself is……

“how can this work for me?”

“how can I use my unique strengths to make this work?”

“what are all the different way I could create a good outcome with this?”

“how can I tailor this to fit my personality and style and make it work?”

The questions you ask yourself are crucial to the success or failure of doing anything.

Even if you have the best strategy in the world, if you are asking yourself FAILURE questions you will stay stuck and find it hard to make ANY positive changes.

A great strategy + A Failure mindset = No results, wasted effort and feeling bad about yourself.

In Single to Soul Mates we teach you how to have an Unbeatable Mindset and ask yourself SUCCESS QUESTIONS.

Go here to see how it’s done:

The Mindset Maven’s,

Dr Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn