There’s a Douche Bag Blocking My Path


This Douche Bag situation is critical to your love life.


We went out for a walk with our son Mason in the morning. He loves walking.


He also loves attention from the ladies young and old on our walks.


He is fascinated by the street performers on the promenade. Although “Pink Man” scares him silly.
As we were leaving, one of our neighbors was frantically pacing back and forth by our driveway. We stopped to see if she needed any help.


She was furious.


She couldn’t get out of our parking garage. She was late for work. It didn’t sound like her boss would be understanding.


Our parking garage is underground. There is only one way out. Some douche bag parked his car directly across our driveway.


There was no way around the car and everyone was stuck. Our car was stuck too. Luckily we hardly ever drive anywhere. We use the power of our legs to get most places.


Even crazier was that there were some available parking spots on our block. This D-bag could’ve parked in anyone of them.


He chose to park directly in front of a driveway blocking 11 cars from getting out.


Now we understand parking in an undesirable place for 1 minute or so as you run into somewhere or pick up a friend. Where we live in Santa Monica, parking is a precious resource. It’s gold currency. But this guy was nowhere in sight. He PARKED there to go to work or whatever.


We were able to happily go on our walk. Our neighbor wasn’t so lucky. She had to call Santa Monica Parking to get this guy towed. She was 2 hours late for work.


What do you do when someone is blocking your path?


It could be your path to feeling happy today.

Your path to career success.


Your path to having a great night on the town with your friends.


Your path to success.


Your path to finding lasting love.


No matter what you will have people accidentally AND purposely get in the way of your success.


Some people will unintentionally make it harder for you to succeed by trying to “help” you. They might poison your mind with negative thoughts. They’ll project their own insecurities and issues onto you. They’ll give you terrible advice.


You’ll go out with a great guy. They’ll say “be careful men aren’t what they seem at first” “they all have something to hide”.


Or some similar nonsense.


They think they are helping you. But they are blocking your path to success nonetheless. They are living out of fear and scarcity. No one succeeded long term making decisions that way.


Other people will purposely try to block your path to success like the douche bag before. They will park their metaphorical car right on your path to success.


You will encounter these people so be ready. It could be a family member, a friend, a coworker or a random d-bag.


They will at times enrage you. Sometimes you’ll want to fight back. You’ll imagine the sweet joy of punching they’re face in.


Other times you’ll want to give up. Take a different path. An easier path.




The best thing you can do is persistently and calmly travel your path to love, happiness and success no matter what gets in your way. No matter what idiots you encounter. It’s the best payback.


Most people don’t understand positive persistence. It will help you overcome any obstacles and setbacks.


It’s the only thing that literally guarantees success in any area of life.


Positive persistence means never giving up and always traveling your own personal path to success.


If you want help carving out your path to love go here:


Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn


P.S. Ashley’s toe is healing. She even danced with Michael on her birthday last weekend. Nothing like dancing with a boot on your foot. 🙂