She thinks we are wrong….Uuuh Ohhhh

Tanya disagrees with us that soul mates are created.

Here is what she said

“I’m sorry to say!  I disagree with your point of view on soulmates. you don’t create a soulmate. if that were true then we could pick anyone and make them into your soulmate.  your soulmate is the one who when you meet them you know I mean you really know its them. the love from your heart never goes away and neither does the pain when you no longer have them. a soulmate is very rare.”

Tanya was not having our take on soul mates. We love hearing from all of you, especially when you don’t agree with something we said.

Here’s our previous article if you missed it that she is referring to:

Let’s first start with some points of agreement because we are nice peeps.

You’re right that it’s painful when a relationship ends with a person who you connected with on a soul mate level.

It hurts, that’s for sure.  You have to mourn all the future plans you’ll never get to experience together.

Not for the faint of heart.

Also, Yes soul mates are rare.  They are rare for a variety of different reasons.

1. There is a low percentage of people in the world who are compatible with you and who you have chemistry and an emotional connection with.

2. Most people don’t prioritize their love life.

3. Most people aren’t willing or able to deeply connect with others.

4. Most don’t have a good strategy for finding the right person.

5. Most don’t know HOW to find the right person.

6. Most don’t know WHERE to find the right person.

6. Most don’t have the right mindset to find the right person.

7. Most People don’t have the relationship skills to create a soul mate level connection, even with the right person.

You are right in that you can’t be soul mates with anyone.  You can’t create it out of thin air with anybody.

You first FIND the right person for you, but that’s only half of the equation when it comes to soul mate love.

After you found the right person to love, you have to learn to love that person for a lifetime.

It’s in the skills of loving and connecting with the right person for you for the rest of your life where soul mates are created in our humble yet accurate opinion 🙂

What do you think?

Are soul mates found and created?


Do they just happen when you meet the right person?

Go here for the discussion and to let us know your thoughts.


Dr. Michael & Dr. Ashley Arn


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