They thought she was sick, but what came next changed everything…

We know a couple.

They got married in 1963.

She had moved to the United States from Europe as an interpreter.

He served in the Army and had moved back home to work in the family business.

They met in a restaurant two years before getting married. They came from different family backgrounds, yet in others ways had a lot in common.

They fell in love and created a life together.

They bought a house.

Made friends as a couple.

and ended up working together in the family business.

They tried to have kids.

They wanted to have children.

Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t get pregnant.

They saw doctors.

only to be told they couldn’t get pregnant and couldn’t have children.

They moved on and created a great life together as a couple.

17 years later they were traveling across Europe, visiting her family and enjoying an amazing vacation.

Toward the end of the vacation she said…

I feel sick!

I don’t feel good at all.

They assumed she had caught some bug or virus on the trip.

They went home days later as scheduled and she went to see her doctor.

What came next changed everything….

The doctor told her she was pregnant.

They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

They had been told they could never have children 15 years ago.

After moving on and living a content life together knowing they wouldn’t have children, they were now pregnant.

It was unexpected to say the least.

It was an amazing surprise.

Not what they had planned.

At ages 43 and 45 they were going to be parents.

Michael Arn was born on October 1st 1981.

You never know what life has to offer you. Some of it you can control, much if it you can’t.

It’s how you react to life that matters most.

How you handle adversity is important.

It’s also important to be open to life’s little or big miracles, because they often happen when you least expect them.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn