Today I’m thinking about Shiny objects!

You know what I really want?

A vacation.

Cocktails on the beach and beautiful sunsets.

You know what I need?

Mentorship so I can be the best leader and change agent for my clients.

Don’t get me wrong, that vacation or buying a bunch of hot Christmas stuff on sale would feel great….especially in the moment.

But, I’m going to choose to set myself up for success for the whole year, not to just have fun in the moment.

I’m choosing to invest in mentorship and in bettering myself so that I can BE who I want and live the life I really want.

Not only that but I’m choosing to invest into THE BEST mentorship I can find at the highest level.

I’m willing to make a sacrifice to have what I really need and what will bring me contentment long term, instead of the shiny object that will give me a temporary high.

Dr. Ashley Arn