Why Tom Brady could meet the man of his Dreams

Tom Brady might have just lost the Superbowl, but if he was single and looking to meet the man (or woman) of his dreams he’d able to do it and we will tell you why.

Today on our live call with our clients we laid out a specific system for how to meet the kind of man they’re looking for offline.

Yes. You heard that right.

We showed these lovely ladies exactly how to find this type of guy without logging into some video game like dating app or site.

Does online dating work?  100%.  We also teach our clients how to meet the man they want online.

But today was all about connecting belly to belly.

For those of you wishing for the days before dating apps existed and salivating to connect with someone in person, this training was made for you. Many of our clients were blown away by the simplicity and ease with which you CAN find amazing men offline when you do it right.

In fact, it’s RAINING GREAT MEN OUT THERE.  Believe us when we say that good ole 40 year old Tom Brady would meet them if he were dating and looking for such a thing.

Why is that?

Because Tom Brady is on offense.

He creates opportunities.

He makes things happen.

He is proactive.

He doesn’t quit after throwing one interception.

He knows that one play or one choice of his won’t determine whether he succeeds or fails.

He knows it’s a series of choices that he makes that create his outcomes.

He develops a plan and executes like nobody else.

He makes other people react to him.

Most importantly, he isn’t on defense.

He isn’t sitting back and waiting for something to happen.

He isn’t expecting to get what he wants by being back on his heels and worrying about what other people think.

That’s why Tom Brady could meet almost any man he wants.

Most people in dating are on defense.

They’re reacting to other people.

They’re waiting for the right moment to show up.

They’re waiting for a movie-like serendipitous interaction with a great guy.

That doesn’t work in meeting the kind of man you want offline.

And NO, being on offense has nothing to do with chasing or pursuing a guy.

It is about creating the right opportunities for yourself and this guy.

So, think about it….  Have you been on offense or defense when it comes to dating?

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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