He usually isn’t who you think he’s going to be

It’s a strange but great time of year isn’t it. Summer is coming to an end.

Families are traveling everywhere before school starts.

You’re trying to get anything fun in you can before the fall weather hits.

Yesterday, in our Attract the Man You Want Workshop (we get together and talk every Tuesday) we talked about WHO to date.

Who you get to know and go out on dates with is CRITICAL.

We usually mentally REJECT a majority of men on dating sites or that we meet offline right away.

We look at them and say NO instantly.

Do you find yourself doing this?


We discovered something baffling while working at eHarmony years ago and all of the biggest online dating companies know this.

We are terrible at predicting who will be great for us long term based on first impressions online or offline.

What’s worse is most of us swear by our first impressions.

You probably do too.

Do you think to yourself “I know right away if a guy is right for me or not”


“my intuition is really good, I just know it’s not going to go anywhere with that guy”

UNFORTUNATELY our first impressions are terrible at predicting if someone is right for us or if we will have chemistry with someone long term.

The online companies know we have this human problem of believing we are good at intuitively choosing the right person but ACTUALLY being terrible at it so they do their best to overcome this.

But it isn’t easy.

We recommend you don’t leave it up to the online dating sites to solve this conundrum for you.

One of the best things you can do is to make sure about 10% of the men you get to know and go out on dates with are outside the box of who you’d normally date.

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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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