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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

Valentine’s Day Sucks.

It is the most hated “holiday” for people who are single and for a great reason.

If you are like most people who are single this time of year, you find yourself reflecting on what has happened and why you are single on this day.

You are probably blaming yourself, telling yourself you have done something wrong and you might even be thinking that you aren’t worthy of having the kind of love you see all around you.

Here’s the truth.

My guess is that you are stuck in the FOREVER SINGLE CYCLE.

You know the one.

It repeats every couple of months.

You start out excited, hopeful, and positive that you are going to find the one this time.

You put in 1,000% effort toward dating.

You hop online or increase your efforts in meeting men out and about.

You go on a string of bad dates.

You find that you are disappointed by the kind of men who constantly pursue you and can’t seem to capture the interest of the high caliber men you really want to see again.

The men you want often ghost or disappear without any explanation as to why.

You end up feeling heartbroken, rejected, confused about what to do next, and wondering if you should just stay single.

You eventually give up on dating for awhile.

You try to put love in the back of your mind, but no matter what you feel that gnawing feeling that precious time is just wasting away and you feel further and further away from what you know you really want.

You want a commitment from a man you are attracted to, compatible with, and share the same future goals with!

You want to be this man’s first thought every morning.

You want him to get as excited as you do to see each other, eagerly awaiting the next time you will get to look into one another’s eyes and feel that spark.

Here’s what we can promise you….

If you have been going through this cycle on and off for years, the perfect man won’t just show up at your door.

Things will not just magically click.

The good news is that we have a solution and we would love to share it with you.

Our clients often go through this cycle endlessly before they come to us.

Many of them, find love in just a number of weeks of working with us!

If you are looking for inspiration, you can hear their phenomenal stories and the key distinctions that changed their lives and led them to phenomenal relationships with amazing men here:

BUT, we can only help women who are….

  1. Committed to making love a priority.
  2. Coachable
  3. Willing to take action


Why would you waste one more minute in the Forever Single Cycle when we have a solution and a system that is proven and our clients have used to find love in a matter of weeks?

Hop on a call with us and we will help you figure it out:

Space is limited to the first few so don’t hem and haw over it, just do it. 🙂