Warning: Don’t be Here when I get Back Up!


Relationships REALLY SUCK sometimes.

You put yourself out there.  You make the effort.  You persist.

You meet guys offline.  You meet guys online.

You go out on dates. You meet guys.  You flirt.

You get your hair done. You dress up and look your best.

You put yourself in a great emotional state.  You make interesting conversation. You really get to know these guys.

The guys you’re attracted to aren’t relationship ready or don’t pay attention to you.

The guys you don’t like are chasing you like a dog to a bone.

You can’t win.

Despite your effort, you have NO RESULTS to show.

It feels like a complete waste of your time. 

In all HERO movies, the hero is sucking at life.  The hero is at an all time low.  Maybe down for the count.  Close to giving up.   Life is beating her down.

There is one scene in all these movies where the Hero gets knocked down.  Where the bad guy takes a swing and lands a major blow.

What does the hero do?

She gets knocked down….

She shakes off the pain….

She spits the blood out of her mouth….

She looks at the bad guy like HE IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE….

and she GETS UP with a FURY that is unstoppable.

The hero has to go through the hard times to BECOME THE HERO.

That is our favorite part of a movie.

That is how to approach your love life.

That is how to think about dating.

You can knock me down, but don’t be here when I get back up!

You are going to get back up and fight with every fiber in your body.

You are going to succeed no matter what is in your way.

Nothing can stop you when you have this reaction.

In Dating, you are 100% wrong until you are 100% right.  Until you fight the RIGHT GUY.

You are never wasting your time.  You are building skills that will last you a lifetime.

When you get knocked down, you need to get back up.  Only you can do that.

We can help you fight in the right way so you can win.

So you can find love once and for all.

We’ll give you a blueprint for how to make it happen here.



Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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