It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Helloo from the TEAM ARN Wine Country Head Quarters,

We had an event filled WEDDING WEEKEND.

One of our amazing clients who lives in Canada got married.

And guess what?

They got married in wine country California.

We couldn’t contain our excitement that this client found love with the right person AND was getting married near the famous TEAM ARN Wine Country Head Quarters.

But just a few years ago, this client’s life wasn’t anything close to the fairytale it is today.

For years she was in a long term relationship.

And one day out of nowhere she found out that her partner had betrayed her on such a deep level it COMPLETELY SHATTERED her world.

What she thought was a pretty good relationship was suddenly one BIG LIE.

She was devastated.

It was a betrayal that most wouldn’t come back from.

It made her question almost every decision she ever made.

She hit rock bottom in terms of her self-esteem and trust in men or love.

It would’ve broken the AVERAGE WOMAN.

BUT she’s not average.

She joined TEAM ARN and a whole new world opened up to her.

She took the hits, got knocked down and ROSE UP WITH EVEN MORE COMMITMENT to living the life she wanted.

She changed her whole approach to dating.

She communicated differently.

She used different criteria for who was right for her and who wasn’t.

She created a new sense of VALUE, CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM that high value, high status men couldn’t help but be drawn to.

AND most of all it paid off. IT WORKED. She got results.

During the wedding, both of us (yes Michael too) teared up out of pure joy for the journey she took to get here.


The guests at the wedding were about half Canadian and half American.

We created one big happy family for a day. The Canadian guests sang the American national anthem and the American guests sang the Canadian national anthem (with help from google 😊 )

Don’t give up. It CAN and WILL happen for you too.

Imagine having a wedding day like this with your ideal guy surrounded by admiring friends and family.

You’re on TEAM ARN. You are committed. You take action.

We’re on a mission to have the relationship we want, with who we want, while making the impact we want and NOTHING will deter us from getting there.

Your success is inevitable as long as you show up and take action today, tomorrow and every day going forward.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

–Recognized as America’s Dating & Relationship Experts
–Advisors to famous Celebrities and the top 1% of women in the world.
–Sought after Husband and wife authorities in Psychology.
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