What are you avoiding?


What are 2 crucial steps you’re avoiding doing when it comes to dating or love?

These are 2 actions you know you should do to find the right person for you, but you’ve been putting them off.

Avoiding them.

Saying you’ll do them next week.

We all have things that are important for us to be doing that we are totally avoiding.

We do it in all areas of our lives.

We avoid working out.

We avoid eating vegetables.

We avoid having a hard conversation with a friend or family member.

We avoid our bills.

There was a time in Michael’s life many years ago when he avoided his bill’s in the mail.

It caused him anxiety every time he looked at his mail.

He thought about those damn bills every day.

The weird thing is he didn’t DO the crucial steps necessary to deal with them.

He just avoided them and caused a lot of stress for himself.

That’s the thing.  We often tolerate long term stress, pain and anguish for the short term relief of not dealing with our problems.

Of not taking the short term hard steps toward what we want.

You shouldn’t always be striving.  You need to have cheat days when it comes to going after your goals too.

Where you do nothing but relax, accept and even do things that aren’t in your best interest (like eat that cheesecake).

But that shouldn’t be your regular routine.

Once Michael took the critical steps to deal with his bills and pay them off he felt the sweet long term relief of conquering them.

You can do the same.

You might have to endure short term uncomfortableness or pain to achieve your goals.  The right guy for you is ALWAYS outside of your comfort zone.

Today is just about self-awareness and admitting what you’ve been avoiding.  Nothing else you need to do today.

So, what are 2 crucial steps you’re avoiding doing when it comes to dating or love?

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn