What Attracts Men the Most – What Most Women Will Never Get….

Discover what attracts men the most.  It’s not how you look or what you say to a man that matters most when it comes to attraction.

Did you see Mark Zuckerberg of flakebook testifying before congress.

It was pure pop culture theater.

It was ironic that we watched the live stream of the hearing on facebook 😊

First, it was crazy to see 70 year olds questioning him about facebook when they obviously know nothing about how it works.

They should’ve had their interns up there asking him the questions.

Second, what did you think of Zuckerberg’s answers?

How did he come across to you?

After seeing that hearing would you ever label him as attractive?

As high status?

This is a high status individual with more money than god (Oprah).

So why would we perceive him as unattractive or low status?

The reason is How he makes people feel when he talks.

He seemed nervous (rightfully so).

He seemed wooden.

He expressed very little empathy.

He was expressionless.

He was overly stilted and logical.

And often we do the same thing in dating.

This is something most men and women just don’t get or understand.

What you say isn’t that important.

What’s important is how you make the people around you feel.

How do you make your dates feel?

How do you make the men around you feel when your out with your friends or at an event?

How does a guy feel when you text him?

We are often even worse at this when we like someone, because we are nervous or self-conscious.

If you rarely have chemistry with men, the solution is to learn how to communicate differently with men.

Yes, chemistry is primarily a result of the kinds of interactions we have with someone.

It is not our fault that we slide into these boring and logical interactions, but we can do something different.

What Attracts Men the Most – How you Make a Man Feel when he’s around You.

You can learn to have conversations with men that are exciting, playful and lead to massive amounts of connection.

It is within your control to help people escape their boring lives and have a great conversation with you.

That spark is what will ultimately lead you to be able to choose the right man for you from a place of abundance with many great men pursuing you.

It will also lead you to feel more chemistry with the right guys.  It’s how you come alive with someone else.

And that’s what we are all looking for.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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